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What People Say...

Most valuable part of the workshop:

Teaching mindful listening. I feel I’m more capable of “staying in the moment”.

The blending of research-based information and practices which utilized the information presented. 

Mindfulness was a new experience; now I notice more.

Learning about the actual science of mindfulness and how it relates to brain activity and development.

Learning the exercises which are simple enough to apply to daily living.


About the facilitator:

Marcia was very good at lecture, stories, and guided meditations to demonstrate her points.

Very knowledgeable.

Marcia was enthusiastic, positive, and thoughtfully responsive to the experiences of the participants.

The facilitator’s knowledge and passion for the topic was engaging.

I enjoyed the workshop.

Marcia convinced me that she is from a science background... and her lectures made sense in many ways.


As a result of taking this course, I intend to: 

Listen better, pause before opening my mouth, use sits to bring down anxiety.

Be more in tune with my heart.

Be more positive in daily life. Be grateful for my life. Be more mindful and reduce my stress with my new tools.

To be more mindful in my daily life. To reduce continual stress and anxiety.

Continue with my meditation and mindfulness.

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