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Feeling derailed and off your game?  

Blaming yourself for self-sabotage? 

Learn how to unleash your true mojo!

Show up for your life, business, and clients!

Welcome to Inner Ally ~ 

for seasoned leaders and entrepreneurs

Reclaim your inner genius

It's not your fault

But you can change everything

"Self-sabotage" is not what's going on

Stop the suffering

Learn the inside-out truth

Update your inner guidance system

Reclaim your big dream and life mission


 Coaching for individuals and small groups


If you've struggled to answer the call to the life that is yours to make...

Believed that who you are was not good enough to offer yourself...

Were told to dismiss, suppress, or fight parts of yourself...

Yet still you hold sacred that unique call...

Take heart!


Want to know more?

Apply for a Reclaim Your Inner Genius Consultation

(a complimentary 60 minute private exploration with me) 

~ Marcia Rayene M. A.

 Mindful Business

  Mindfulness education and practice for organizational groups

Is your staff spinning their wheels and feeling stuck? Is it difficult for them to focus? Are they overwhelmed in challenging situations when there's a lot at stake? 

Our fast-paced modern world is filled with distractions, work and family pressures, and complex contexts to navigate. Our primitive brain perceives these as life-or-death dangers and reacts instinctually.


This can lead to negative stress effects - difficulty concentrating, lack of productivity, poor relationships, unhappiness, illness, depression, and addiction.


There is a better way! Mindfulness can help.


  • When we practice being present in the situation, we calm our nervous system

  • When we use brain-smart tools, we change our brain

  • When we learn how to build and use healthy new habits, everything shifts 

  • When we use our brain power for wellbeing, we change our lives

Modern medical imaging technology has demonstrated the healthy benefits of stress reduction. Neuroscience provides the reasons for these positive outcomes.


The practice of mindfulness continues to spread throughout many sectors of society, including psychology, business, education, healthcare, and the military. 


"Mindfulness is paying attention in the present moment, on purpose, without judgment, as if your life depended on it."  ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD

This six-hour interactive course offers mindfulness practices and applied neuroscience basics. Delivered onsite, usually over six consecutive weeks. Based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program created in 1979 by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. 


Click here for a 5-minute video with Jon Kabat-Zinn

Click here for more information about this course and the facilitator

Stepping stones

Apply for a Reclaim Your Inner Genius Consultation

(a complimentary 60 minute private exploration with me) 

~ Marcia Rayene M. A.

Marcia Rayene M.A. 

Transformational Coach

Mindfulness Educator

Marcia taught strategic skills for years as an Organization Development Consultant and Coach. In her work to help organizations make change that mattered, it finally became clear that transformation could not occur, unless it was generated from the inside-out. Within the body-mind-spirit. And for us to reclaim our own brilliant capacity we need tools that work with how our brains naturally work. Change your brain to change your life.


Marcia has been strongly influenced by Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Non-Violent Communication, and 35 years of mediation practice. She earned her Master NLP Practitioner certification in 2007 with Robert Dilts, a brilliant and heart-based international leader. She earned her MA in Organizational Psychology in 2008 at John F. Kennedy University.


Her practices are steeped in holistic appreciation for the unique wisdom and genius in each of us. While our early imprinting certainly served us in childhood, those old beliefs and habits need updating to align with who we are today. Past wounded-ness requires self-love, healing, and conscious transformation to release us into our brilliant future. This process is supported by neuroscience and infused with mindfulness. Cultivating the relationship with your own Inner Ally provides the fulcrum of this transformation.

Marcia is enamored with continuous neuroscience study, djembe drumming, traveling in Mexico, dancing, and culinary adventures. She loves discovering new practices that foster greater personal agency and transformational outcomes that serve her clients and help change the world.

 Revolutionize your inner game

to see external results in your life.

Discover how to reclaim, align, and focus

to attain your biggest goals.


M.A. Organizational Psychology

 John F. Kennedy University

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